Patrick FitzGerald

I am a visual person. I work in a variety of medium including drawing, painting, collage, and digital. The intersection of disciplines of disciplines and media is a primary interest of mine. I currently teach in the Department of Art + Design and the College of Design at NCSU.

About Patrick FitzGerald

Part fun, part skill building, making images is still a my favorite past time.  I carry a pen and drawing pad with me everywhere I go. I try to draw everyday. There is a rather impressive stack of filled drawing books in my studio and it continues to grow!

Technology is also of interest to me. I think of the best tools and devices are ones that augment my talents and  allow me  to generate imagery (and ideas!)  that I could not do by myself with pen and paper. In addition, the ability to easily generate many digital options (without harming the original)  and then to have the chance to choose (or curate) the best option is a very attractive and productive design process. I guess it is most  is most akin to the way I physically make collages.

Anyway, I try not to label my creativity- I work alone and in groups, I create art installations and functional apps, and I create abstract images and draw visual stories. 

My main mantra is "KEEP WORKING".  I enjoy learning and taking chances. I am comfortable in the creative process where there are a number of "right answers".

Currently I am teaching multimedia design, animation and drawing in the Department of Art + Design at the College of Design at NC State University. I have a Master's Degree in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art.